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Solo night laning


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I have been a solo night laner for many years after being introduced to by the 'Darksiderz'. I don't usually come across other night laners while I am out. Last night I went up to Ceri Forest in the snow and within half an hour I had to pull over to let a very cautious oncoming Defender driver pass me. Within an hour or so I pulled over to let a Discovery past. After being out exploring for three hours I started looking for a safe route off the hill and thought I would go home the way I arrived. With headlights approaching and the gradient increasing, I had to reverse half a mile up a snow covered single track road to let another approaching Discovery past. This one stopped for a chat and the driver gave me a helpful tip for a safe route out. The route I was hoping to use had become too slippery to go down. The Discovery had polished the icy surface on the tree covered bend on the way up. I had an interesting moment on the same spot myself hours earlier and I agreed that it was probably too dangerous to drive down. The suggested alternative route was a 15 mile detour for me but it avoided 1 in 8 gradients covered in black ice and was a good recommendation. Anyone else been out in the snow at night this month?

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