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New Recon to be brought over later


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Well, I did it. I opened the wallet and got me a new Recon Edition. 6sp.

Looking forward to upgrading it over here before putting it in a container and back home.


I'll update as the upgrades happen.



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Hello Jim, good to hear from you again.


This Recon just happened to fit my build as I tried to put together an order for another Recon JK but they didn't like the build in case I flaked on them as they were fearful of being stuck with it.


I am not aware if the Recon is available in Europe or the UK at present.

The main differences are as follows: Steel bumpers front and rear. Red safety belt straps and a reinforced Dana 44 with thicker tubes (shafts are not thicker however). I have yet to see how this "reinforcement" works off road but its not a trussed axle which is what my definition of reinforced would be, haha.


On the topic of cost, I will say this. Where I got my Rubicon at my local dealer in town, they have $5000 off their listed price.  They currently have 5 Rubicons left, 2 of which are Recons. They are all automatic, no 6spd left, I got the last one. If anyone is interested, PM me and I will pass on the details, $5000 off at least pays for a container at the end of the day.


Mine before tax was $42,000. I think Rubis recon in the UK start at £42,000. 

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Being a dual national it makes it a little easy. According to EU law all I need to do is show residency for 6 months outside the EU (as I am providing care for my mother who has Alzheimer's) and then fill out my application to waive VAT/DUTY for moving into the State with my American Credentials and voila....no tax no anything other than an application fee and the 20ft container cost.

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