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Hello from Humberside


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I am not new to Jeeps as I owned a Wrangled about 20 years ago. But now after many sports cars and a RTC which left me disabled with spinal problems, I am turning back to Jeep for a high vehicle. I am viewing a Cherokee CRD on Sunday in Lincoln and would love anyone who is near to help but I am bringing a friend who is shall I say Mechanically challenged.  I will guide him to take pictures as I can't bend down and view under the car. It's a 2.5 manual 2002. My biggest fear is that the MOT runs out in November and if there are hidden nasties it will cost. Anyway I am A PADI diver qualified. I was a RCO  . I am a retired paramedic.  I am a biker. Although i just sold one to buy a Jeep.


Anyway there you go.. oh I am a American living in the UK married to a Scottish lass with 2 boys and come January will have been married for 20 years. Life story over lol.

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Connecticut.  East coast North.



PS I know wrong place but this 2002 Cherokee sport 2.5 manual .. is it not 4wd all the time? I thought it was and I can then have hi or low?  Some post I read said it's 2wd?

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