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Hello from the IOM


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I've just joined your club as I have recently bought myself a 2007 JK unlimited.

I've always been a Landie devotee, until recently....

Many years back in the 80's I owned a few Landies (series 2 and 2a's) and would enjoy some off-roading around the quarries where I lived.

All that faded away when I joined the RN and spent my time visiting some varied places :)

Now older I find that I struggle to fit in a new defender without the window open, and after a day behind the wheel I feel more beaten up than I would if I spent 3 mins in the ring with Tyson.


I always fancied a Jeep (but never admitted it) and so far I'm really impressed with mine, it puts a smile on my face when I get in and many who see it often smile, although its probably the start of laughter at its colour.


My jeep is in pretty good condition and has been looked after by its previous owner, so I think I'm a lucky to have come across it.

I've  got loads of wonderful ideas for it (dreams the wife calls them),  but firstly and most importantly I need to get the timing belt etc replaced.

I'll be asking for some advice on this in another thread as where I live its is going to be difficult to get done.

Oh yea forgot to mention I live on an Island that adores fast bikes and hates anything big that gets in their way and even more so if it the colour of a wheelie bin.


Well for now take it easy and enjoy, smudger




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