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Travelled a stunning lane!


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As the day was looking a bit rainy the family decided (with a little help from me) to travel to Keswick in the lake district via the old coach road near Dockray.


I've travelled this lane years ago with the lads at jeepey when they were up here around five years ago and really enjoyed it as it was without any trees so no scratching. When we arrived at the gate the good news was it is still open but a stark warning of the devastation that occcured by the storms of 2015 and to beware of poor conditions.


We set off and the first mile was fine a little water logged but nothing special, the views were amazing with the Scottish border country in the distance and of course the Blencathra massif clearly visible. We then came across a party of four hickers also on the lane resting near to the track, as we approached I gave them a polite wave and a smile only to be greeted by a look more stony than the gravel were driving over....oh so be it we could'nt do any more driving at roughly 3-4mph sticking to the track but as we are all very familiar with anti 4x4 lobby lets not ruffel their feathers.


The one area that gave us great concern was about halfway running down the track as a stream. This had really taken its toll on the road and took a lot of spotting to traverse to damaged area. I'm always amazed at what my JK is capable of with a simple 2" spring spacer lift it barely never bottoms out anywhere and does it with no drama's and feels an effortless drive. As we made it to the other side after I think five miles long I was pleased to be there in one piece as we were the only ones (appart from the happy hickers) who was using the road that day and did not relish the thought of getting stuck on my own.


The one thing I thought of was if when my daughter grows up will she be able to enjoy what we have just done? as the loomig prospect of electricification of vehicles takes place will this type of recreation be classed as a waste of resources and be classed as illegal, a bit heavy I know but who knows were it may lead, theres one thing it may put a smile on the hickers we saw!


A few pics from the trip






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Nice pics Jason, the views on Old Coach road are really great, you can't quite do it justice on a photo. We did it earlier this year and was my favourite of our little Lakes trip, brave man doing it on your own, from your pic the washouts look to have got a bit worse, glad you made it in one piece, I know the feeling  :icon_eek:


Likewise when we did it saw no one else on the trail at all apart from two grumpy hikers. They accosted us with a (not) cheery " didn't you see the signs?" as we were planning a way forward down the washouts, referring to the GLASS advisory note at the entrance. Clearly they hadn't actually read the sign cos it was a warning to stay on the track, proceed with caution and not attempt it unless you were an experienced driver in a properly equipped 4x4 but people see what they want to see,  as you say, no point in getting into an argument over.


You're right it is a shame that in all probability the next generations won't have the opportunity to drive these trails in the same way, although back in the 80's I was fairly sure that all the byways would be closed to vehicles by the end of the century and that hasn't happened yet even though there are a lot less, so you never know, there is hope. If these routes are properly managed and not abused they are completely sustainable for everyone's enjoyment....even grumpy hikers!


Good to see some photos of members out and about doing some lanes, thanks for sharing.  :great:




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Cheers for that Tim, yes on the whole we all enjoyed the afternoon and had a bit of a laugh at the hikers , they obviously we're not having as good a time as us.


Felt like we'd done something good with our day and looking forward to some more!


There was even talk of another Moab trip when we get a bit more $ for a £ who knows?

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hi Jason yes its a very good long lane, 4 of us did it earlier in the year great fun getting through the washouts lol  :great:

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