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Buying a Wrangler in Portugal

Terry moore

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Hi I am UK based and trying to buy a used Wrangler to use in Portugal.

They are quite rare in Portugal so choice is limited and expensive.Most short wheel base are sold as commercials without rear seats.

I have been looking at long wheel base year 2011 /2012 but the mechanic advising me says not to touch the CRD with VM engine as he says its problematic.

Any one help on the engineer or buying a Jeep in Portugal ??

Terry Moore

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Hi Terry,


I can try to help you. I am Portuguese and have some connections to Jeep folks in Portugal.


Let me start by saying that you need to find yourself a new mechanic. The CRD is a great engine as many of the folks here can tell you. Furthermore, the are easily tunable to give you that extra power you need, if ou want to run bigger tyres.


Let us start by where you are located and where have you been looking. You can send me a PM and we take it from there.


However, I will say that Jeeps in Portugal are expensive! especially because of the extra taxes government charges and if someone tries to sell you a bargain, unless you know the person and the history of the Jeep, RUN AWAY!


You will not find a JK or a JKU used at the prices that you find in the UK - e.g. Jules was selling his RHD JKU 3.6 for 29K sterling...


Happy to help in whatever I can.


Best regards,


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Hi Terry,


I was going to say have a look at Hugo's post selling his as I know he has experience of Portugal - it may be worth buying in the UK and taking it over yourself.


Good luck with the move,



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