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So today I started to strip down the rear diff (Dana 35 without trac-lok) on my XJ to replace all the bearings and front seal etc.  Axles out, no problems, all good.  Diff case out, no problems.

Right side bearing was completey worn, pulled off with much heating and grunting.  So far so good.

Go to the left side, which felt nice and smooth and snug, but let's get it off anyway and replace the pair.  roller cage ripped off and then I find that the inner part of the bearing is actually rotating instead of being firmly attached to the carrier!  Pulled it off easily without any heating and the cage is worn as a second-hand brake disc, so even a new beaing would rotate too. So this means a new carrier I guess..

Can I upgrade to a trac-lok version (with the same 3.55 ratio) using the same ring gear and axle shafts etc. i.e. a straight swap non-trac-lok carrier for trac-lok carrier?

(And is it worth making the change - I don't really off-road the car, but fancy an LSD type thing for winter roads or gravelly surfaces)




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