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XJ exhaust


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Having a poke about under the Cherokee today, it occured to me that, apart from the manifold, my 4.0 has exactly the same exhaust as my 2.5 had. This, I guess means that either the 2.5 had more than enough exhaust flow, or the 4.0 is being strangled.

The section of pipe between the manifold and the first joint seems to be only 2" diameter and, on my car, has a dent in it making it even narrower in cross section area.

I fully intend to get a RT Off-Road stainless manifold soon and note that these come with a 2.5" diameter joint at the collector, for the first down tube (though it says "will mate to the stock downpipe with no issues". So I think I should expect some real noticeable difference in how the engine runs with a RT Off-Road manifold and a custom made 2.5" diameter system with sports cat and free flowing silencer?

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