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I did some exploring


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So, I'm the middle of France for 2 weeks, and i get to looking at Google Maps. I notice there's all these little lanes going off all over the place.

I get to thinking, perhaps I should pop off for 10-15 minute wander.


This is what I found.  Very similar to EJJ.  I even found 2 water crossings.







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There are very many green lanes in France which you are allowed to drive. If you want to be sure you can buy the IGN Blue series maps which show all the tracks and those you are allowed to drive. Be aware you are not allowed to drive in any of the national parks although often there are signs saying so. There is mag, Action 4x4 which has road books although this publication is finishing soon or maybe now has finished.

Maybe you know Wikiloc which has many tracks all over France, and many other countries, but you can download to a tablet and then follow. Well worth looking at. Have fun and I'm not really jealous!!

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Looks really nice Fen, top down too of course :great:


When it's this hot there is no other option.....


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