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Today I have succumbed......


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.......and got some new wheels  :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce:


Yes, yes I know, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old wheels.....but they looked so pretty  :icon_flower:

How could I resist!





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very nice indeed.  Did you fit these instead of fixing the other issue?


:icon_lol: :icon_lol: sort of......whilst the wheels were off I had a good look around, tomorrow is fixing the upside down sway bar links and mislocated springs. As you said will probably have to drop the front axle again but have had a bit of practice at that now so shouldn't be too bad (thanks for the offer btw).If only I had thoroughly watched the "how to" video in the first place instead of going by the useless and out of date instruction sheet......would have been so much easier :icon_geek:

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