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visited Buzz racing


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well yesterday... 


I finally succumbed to visiting Buzz Racing for a chat and some bits and bobs.


As ever, Alex never ceases to impress.  he fitted me some JKS removable disconnects, which did throw up an interesting issue.  I have a Terraflex levelling kit fitted.  It seems the sway bar connects supplied with the kit are a little over sized (length seems more in line with those supplied in a 3.5" lift) and was pushing the sway bar up to a position where it had been catching.  After a lot of deliberation, disconnects were fitted and the sway bar returned to it's correct position.


Also got a Sprint Boost fitted.  The difference it makes to driving a diesel JKU is astonishing.  The change in acceleration is very noticeable, gone is wait for something to happen when you push the throttle.  The response is now nice and smooth.  Even better when you set it the highest mode, you can leave cars standing at the lights, on a couple of occasions i noticed the rev counter red-line  :icon_e_biggrin: :icon_e_biggrin:


Anyone with a diesel should consider getting one of these.


Big thanks to Buzz and Alex for yesterday.

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