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Hi All. Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Startech


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Morning, been lingering on a few forums since owning this Jeep (had CJ7 & ZJ many moons ago) but thought I would introduce myself on here; hope you all enjoy my handywork. I've got A LOT of parts sitting in my offices which now the sun is shining, I'm gradually working my way through so will update as & when completed


The wagon (Formally known as the Money Pit; styling based on a drug dealers mudder lol:

2005 Jeep WK / WH 5.7 Hemi, Startech / Brabus spec. I bought the 2005 specifically as I only do around around 1000-1500 miles each year,  I refused to pay the extra road tax


What was already done:

Startech brabus dual exit exhaust

Startech 20" rims

Startech illuminating side runners

Startech front bumper

Startech chrome pack inc door runners, grill, mirrors, tailgate handle etc


Whats been done by me:


Custom Startech rear bumper (as i've only seen 1 in the UK with this. Lots seem to have other parts but not this)

Powder coated wheels in shadow black

Wind deflectors

Rear spoiler (from CarID)

Custom arch extensions / fender flares in SRT style (but much wider)

SRT grill inserts

Hood bug deflector

Private plate

32" Cooper Zeon LTZ's

Fully detailed & painted where needed (only done 37,000 miles so wanted it to look that way)

Plasti-dipped all chrome on exterior

Swan-neck tow bar with Mopar 13 pin electrics

Highland roof rack (modified for lower profile) & CB mount

Mopar chrome fuel door



Fly-eye style rear light & front fog covers

Vinyl headlight cut to look like facelift & cover orange side light (will buy stillen when next in USA as refuse to pay $80 shipping)!

LED reverse lights

DRL activated & moved to fog lights

Aux lights fitted under front plate, connected to fogs

Custom headlights including painted shrouds, led side lights, led high beam, hid dip beam with high beam solonoid

USDM tail lights

Mopar tail light guards



Vinyl wrapped all visible wood in 3d carbon

Overland door cards, dash bevels, shifter knob & surround

Gear shifter from late 2006 to gain trim that goes round selector then wrapped in carbon vinyl

Overland wheel wrapped in carbon

Full led interior (& they turn off)!

Carbon vinyl sill guards

Mopar rubber mats

Travall dog guard & trunk mat


Engine / Suspension / Other:

k&n induction

HKS earthing kit (inc throttle ground)

3" electric exhaust cut

Remote start kit using OEM key, guts swapped to newer style flip key

Passive keyless entry (so the car locks & unlocks as I approach / walk away)

2" RC lift/level kit

1.25" hub centric spacers

BRC LPG / gas conversion

Bricked my PCM courtesy of SuperChips & in no rush to deal with them again

Bought an official starscan so I can do my own work :-)



Boston speakers changed for Kicker all round

REC sat nav swapped out for JVC dab/dvd/nav unit inc harness adapters

Reverse camera

Pioneer double under seat sub (mounted under shelf, flush with rear seat as have rubber boot liner & dog guard for my Tamaskan)

Screens in headrests

OBD fusion app with wi-fi reader


Bought but to do:

Auto up / down windows all round (have wiring harness, door modules & switches)

Auto folding mirrors with lock / unlock (just need to tap off the PKE module in theory)

Auto headlight kit (already have the parts, just trying to work out the wiring)


Light bar above windscreen



To Fit:

Startech illuminating inner sill guards (on way from Germany)

Led halo side repeaters with 'trail rated' badges (on way from Canada & China)

Reconfigure USDM PCM to see if I can get the tuner to work without bricking another. DiabloSport arrived last week & superchips has been returned


Wish list:

Crazy Jays cam & supporting mods (throttle body, headers, 180 t stat, valve springs etc)


Hopefully you all like & so far this is the longest i've kept a car so all is looking promising this end







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Can anyone recommend a suitable jack for this that isn't OTT? Jeep is about 3" higher than standard & only now able to take a spare with me so never had one (exhaust goes through wheel well). Now have a matching spare with matching tyre to chuck on the roof when I go on road trips



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Can't help on the jack front, other than have you looked at a bottle jack?


WK looks good though  :great:

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Awesome Machine really looks the part love the fact you're running decent rubber on the 20"'s too  :coolphotos: I run a lifted Commander and I bought a Draper 04983 4 Tonne High Lift Bottle Jack to overly big to handle and lifts mine clear of the ground  :icon_rr:

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Thanks for the kind words, just need some mud on it now to complete the look :)


Cool, now you mention it, I had a bottle jack in my CJ7. Glad you've given a make & model though as there's loads out there & reviews are so varied

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Thanks. Got a 3" block of wood but no original tools I'm afraid. If I'm buying a jack anyway, I would rather forgo the wood

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