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Sun rider for hardtop JK


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Hi Peeps,

Does anyone use a sun rider with their hardtop ?

Fancy one for the jk but as they are sooooo expensive could do with some feedback    :gasp:

No room in t'garage for hardtop as the tj's is already hanging from the roof along with a canoe !



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They really look great and a good idea but are only slightly cheaper than an entire soft top! Perhaps why not many on the road.

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I noticed one of the custom guys with the black rubicons at Hawkstone park had a sunrider. Perhaps worth speaking to them. I am sure Stew or Jim have their details.



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hey there ... i'd love a sunrider ... but money money money ...

your garage sounds like mine ...

canoe and hardtop in the roof ... mines a YJ ...  :icon_e_biggrin:


of course when i win the lottery it's a bestop supertop ... stunning 

edit - reading reviews for the bestop supertop ... not so good ...

have to be mopar then ... beautiful ... 2grand ... sheeeesssh

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What's a sun rider?





This is the Sunrider for JK hardtop, replaces the freedom panels  :scratch:




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