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Went off road


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Put the XJ to work today for the first time, as my transport doing the medical cover for an equestrian endurance event in a forest. Had to go out for a fallen rider, who as it happens wasn't hurt at all. so did a couple of miles on tracks in Delamere Forest. One of them really should have been left to horses, because I got a little bit stuck getting beached on the remains of a tree stump hidden in the grass and forest floor litter. I won't mention that I needed a teeny bit of help with a pull from a, er, from a, um, from      a      Land      Rover (ssshhh, I said I won't mention it). It'll be all over some LR forum somewhere, but I'm seeing him right with a few beers...


Same again tomorrow, but any casualties will just have to walk or crawl..





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