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XJ Build


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Couple of pics for my XJ build so far. Had a lot done to it when I got.

I the last few weeks have added a BBK 62mm TB, stainless 6 branch manifold.

Alloy rad and three electric fans, deleted fan and Ac for the engine.

New hoses. Most of the front end rebuilt.

Bucket seats in the front, roof rack.

De cat and custom back box.


Pulls really well now....






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That is a stunning looking truck!


I want to do the very same things to my engine. I've already got a later inlet manifold and four-hole injectors, but I'm waiting to do the whole exhaust including stainless manifold at the same. 62mm body and fancy intake system will follow that.


What are the suspension and wheel mods that you've done there?

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Thank you,


It's a RC lift kit, but Iv painted shocks green, the TB and manifold made a real difference.


I'm looking to supercharge it next....


Has anyone on here had any experience with the boosted tech kits from the US?

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