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XJ 4.0 vs WJ V8


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Well finally caved in to pressure from swmbo and bought a more immediately presentable Jeep - a V8 WJ. The boss quite likes the thing to drive, travel in and look at.


Problem is.......I'm not entirely certain that I do..... admittedly it is tidier, has more accurate steering, better brakes and a quieter cabin.......but it lacks the charm of a slightly battered, well used Orvis 4.0.  Unfortunately, I prefer driving the older XJ despite its dynamic shortcomings and far prefer its old fashioned straight six burble to the lightweight waffle of the 4.7.  Perhaps I'm a traditionalist.


That V8 is too damn quiet, the whole vehicle is too refined and car like and that will make me reluctant to use the thing.

I may spend time (and money) on the XJ and sell the Grand V8 with LPG conversion pretty smartish before the old Heep is consigned to e-bay by the boss....


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I've been tempted to switch to a Grand just for a 5.7 V8, but like you, I prefer the more visceral XJ and it's relative simplicity. My 2.5 has no ABS or aircon or cruise control, which is the first car for about 10 years that hasn't had those things and I don't miss them (although thankfully, I can't say I have had a situation to miss having ABS).

My more recent 4.0 Ltd has aircon and cruise and ABS. None of them work at the moment and apart from the ABS I'm in no rush to fix them.

I once had a Series 3 air portable LandRover with a Rover P6 V8 in it. No luxury at all but it would do 0 - 60 mph without changing gear (2nd). I'd be deaf after though.

I recently had a Mercedes C43 AMG which, unless you were trying to deprive yourself of a licence, was just a very nice but very complicated car. It was replaced by the XJ 4.0 Ltd!

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