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So I got the usual 2.5 lift and the bigger tyres a few months ago, and its really settled in well with plenty of all sorts of driving; off road, motorway, single lanes and beaches and I love it.


Alex really looked after me through the whole process and made sure we got what was needed - he even wedged me in at a time that suited me for being up in his neck of the woods.


I can't recommend Buzz enough, he has so much knowledge and the before and after care has made it all a pleasure, and I'll definitely be back for more at some point.


Recently he got in those Speed Boosters for the JK to give the throttle response a bit of a boost, especially good for the more recent JKs that you can't remap yet. I got it this morning and it was a 5-10minute install (its very easy, just a little tight to get in there) Only had a couple of short drives with it so far, but so far its a massive improvement on the power curve, still the same gear change delay, but the power is much sooner and smoother than before. With plenty of settings on there, I'm sure that I'll be able to tweak it more to my preferences as I get used to it.


Again, always been a pleasure to deal with Alex at Buzz, and the sweets make the deals that much sweeter!


[Pics to follow]

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