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Looking at a 2.8 CRD JK... Help needed!


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Firstly, hello!


I am new to the forum and the 4x4 lifestyle...


I am looking at buying a 4/5dr JK 2.8 auto with less than 25,000 miles on. In fact i am going to see a few this weekend!


What should I look out for?


I have read through the forum and as far as im aware the roof leak seems to be the most common issue?


I plan on using the Jeep for snowboarding as i go to the alps every year, also id like to take part in some of the expeditions that are arranged through the forum.


I currently own a Golf R and was into the more show and shine VAG 'scene', however with the poor quality roads in my area I am now after a JK to suit me more.


Any help and advice appreciated!





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Welcome to the club, you will enjoy the JK.


Mild plug, I have my Red Rock JK up for sale at the moment in the for sale section.


Best of luck in your search.





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