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Long overdue intro'...


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Hi everyone,


Tried to post photos but unfortunately Photobucket is out of action at the moment.


I joined this forum over three years ago so this intro' is long overdue.  I have other car interests and Jeeps have taken a bit of a back seat recently, due to various racing activities in the States at Bonneville and elsewhere.


I'm based in Mayfield, East Sussex and see that there are many Jeep owners in Kent and Sussex. 


I have owned Jeeps for over 20 years, the first being a nearly new '95 XJ Limited bought from Whitehouse back when Jeep were putting Land Rover out of business.  Back then the XJ was considered a "Soccer Mom" car and there were virtually no aftermarket parts for them, so I find it curious that quite often they now seem elevated to being "The only real Jeeps", especially in the US. 


I've clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles in XJs  - great vehicles - and have owned three, the '95, a '98 and a 2001 60th Anniversary.  The '95 was the best built and is still going strong with a friend - must have 1/4m miles on the clock.  The '98 didn't impress and the 2001 was the best looking - OME lift, BFG A/Ts, Jet chip, K&N etc really transformed it.


The last XJ was replaced last year by a 2007 Hemi Grand Overland, which has a set of 2016 Rubicon wheels, a straight through exhaust and subtle colour coding - grill, door mirrors and tailgate plinth like the SRTs, to tone down the chrome. 


Somewhere in between was a '99 V8 WJ Overland.


We also have a 2013 Wrangler Overland which we've owned since new - bone stock in Rock Lobster, only 13k miles.  Prior to that we had a black 2009 JKU Sahara.


I'm currently on the look out for a manual JK or JKU.  I was unbelievably lucky to find a set of the original Hutchinson Moab beadlocks as fitted to some of the Jeep Moab Easter Safari concept vehicles like the 2007 Rubicon King.  I've been hunting for a set for years and these are brand new, still in the boxes.  At the moment they are sitting in a barn in upstate New York, awaiting the arrival of some more parts before being shipped over here. 





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Hi Jon,


Welcome, sounds like you have a very cool fleet of Jeeps! Be good to get along to one of the JOC events if you can!  :great:



Buzz Racing

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Welcome Jon, don't think you need PBUCKET,  just drag and drop pics into the space "no file chosen" next to "choose file"


Look forward to seeing the fleet.


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Hi Jon, Welcome :great:

If you have issues with photos you can email them over and I'll add them to your thread if required. Jim's how to above should work. Different browsers also use different way of doing this, Tapatalk app is great f you on a iPad or iPhone as its makes thing very simple with video and photo uploads.




Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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