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there has been a few post saying the 3.0 crd is not very reliable yes i had a few proplems with mine but think thats down to the other owners not doing maintace i keep my cars fully serviced and maintained so why are people saying its not reliable just brought ours as me and the wife are disabled and need an automatic and needed something thay would also pull the caravan

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I think tbh it's all down to servicing I've seen members on forums with 300,000km on theres saying it's never let them down..where as I bought a complete lemon and it's cost around £10k in repairs in 4 years I didn't pay all this out I had 2 years of warranty so some of my costs were reimbursed.... I bought my Commander with 74,000miles on the clock dealer said there was some history when I eventually received the service book I found out that it had one stamp at 27,000 miles nothing before that and nothing after ... it's currently in the garage getting more done to it I asked them to service the power steering only to find that the previous owner had done this not with Hydraulic fluid as per spec but with power steering fluid  :diablo: that and the trans lines are leaking so expecting another £1.5k bill this week with the other work thats been done


so yes there are some cracking high milage machines out there and then there is mine lol but still love it  :glasses:   

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