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Bent Jeep :(


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So I've lent my Jeep to a friend for a few weeks while we rebuild his m3 engine, he came around my garage yesterday to show me the latest mods!


A lady came straight out of a side road into the Jeep, her rav 4 didn't hold up as well, n/s doors  don't open without catching and the sill is bent!


Hopefully the Jeep won't be in the body shop for slindon!! 388a12570a80b0d0ba41d02f4d8809f3.jpgd3a9731ea6ee5b858f8f583e4570066e.jpg74f9dc3ecc8c9f3e277251b193a8f059.jpg


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Yeah 2 new doors, sill repair and new trims all round!



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