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Like my post on Facebook , Lets see if we can get influential blogger JWW to get involved with a JOC


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Hi All,

Anyone on Facebook please like and comment on my post (Chris Coyle) on JWW the automotive bloggers page to see if we can entice  him to get involved with a JOC off road event.

This guy was recently named one of the top 3 You tubers in the world with influence across the globe through his channel. Like and comment on my post and we may get him to engage with us!

He recently did a video on a visit to one of my customers (Pirelli) and this created a huge online response to our brand. People pay him $10K plus for his engagement and he did the blog on my Kit for nothing as it got him engagement on his channel! If we can show a reasonable response on his FB page we might get him to an event.

Great for the club and Jeep brand along with seeing your Jeep on his global blog if he was to come!

Many Thanks Chris



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Have you got a link to it? I couldn't find it earlier




Not a link, but you should be able to search for Mr JWW and then look at the visitors posts to his page, has been shared on the club FB page.



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