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Hi Everyone!


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I have just joined this awesome forum and look forward to plenty of reading and talking to some of you guys.


I currently have a Cherokee KJ and must say I love it.

I have loads of "Wants/Must haves" already  :icon_e_biggrin:


I can't believe I have gone so many years without even thinking of buying one of these.


Thank you guys and take care,



Will post some pics when it stops raining................ (so expect some in August! :))




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hi wayne , welcome . yep we all have  wants and must have's , deeeep pockets is a must for owning a jeep  :icon_lol:

sign up for some  ''meets.'' and get to know us all  :glasses:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!


Will be looking out for meets.


Can't wait!  :icon_e_biggrin:

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