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Help Needed - Jeep XJ Oil Dipstick


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Hi guys, I need some help if possible.

I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ with 2.5td 425OHV engine. Manged to snap my oil dipstick just after rebuilding the engine!

Randomly I have a spare dipstick but for a Grand Cherokee with the 3.1 531 OHV engine, its almost identical but just a bit too long.

I misplaced the other half of my original dipstick in the chaos of cleaning up so if possible could somebody be so kind as to measure their dipstick  :icon_eek: for me form their XJ 2.5td?


This way I can cut down the Grand Cherokee one to the correct length. Also a photo of the end of the dipstick next to a ruler would be fantastic as I can then cut in the fill lines. I would be incredibly grateful but not to worry if not, will keep watching ebay!


Many thanks,


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