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Electrical woes


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I've been having a few electrical issues with my 99 XJ.


if you tune the key to the acc position:


1 the side lights come on and 2 the rear demist comes on


the horn is on constantly now and sometimes when you turn the key off the engine does not stop and it takes a combination of turning the key on and off, headlights on and off and opening and shutting the door to get her to stop.


I'm stumped. I've checked the earth on the battery and where it joins the block,


i'm thinking ignition switch? the barrel is quite worn, you can start it with a spoon.


any help much appreciated.

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Reminds me of when I did an electrics test at land rover many years ago... similar scenario and the root cause was a bad earth on a wire that was earned near the transfer box!


Best way to figure out what's going on is to look at a wiring diagram i'd suggest... maybe someone on here has got a link to one for you?

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