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Mitsubishi Jeep!!

marty and lucy

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marty and lucy

Just got back from trip to Sri Lanka where I spotted a few of these!


Turns out they are genuine version of Willys for Japanese market.


Look really good, but unfortunately this one had a gearbox problem and was waiting for a tow!


(Also spotted some beautiful original Toyota FJ40's)






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i think these are what started the Mitsubishi motor company.


At the end of WWII the US only allowed Japan's industrial giants: Mitsubishi etc, to make push bikes.  Vehicle production of any sort was banned / strictly limited.


It wasn't until the Korean War when the US realised they needed to get jeeps into theatre quickly they allowed Mitsubishi to make the Willys under licence.  They then went on to allow some to be produced for the Japanese police, but very limited numbers.


The Mitsubishi Willys was made famous in the 50s when some Japanese policeman drove one up to the summit of Mount Fuji.

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