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gran canaria jep trip


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Hi im off to Gran Canaria at the start of Jan and was wondering if anybody had experince of 4x4 trips whilst being there, i have found gran canaria jeep safaria and there pirate buggy safari looks fun, i know they dont use jeeps but it would be a shame not to explore when their......





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Firstly you can get a hire JKU from cicar car rental on the Island !

There are 3 companies doing off road excursions on the island , one does a Buggy experience which you are driven in a 2 or 4 seater buggy and another does a self drive (Why would you want to be driven?)

There is also a safari style off road trip in which you'll be driven through the interior of the island in a Defender 110. All of these will get you into some of the most amazing scenery in the you'll ever see in interior of the island.

I know most of the good restaurants there too lol



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Hi Chris


Thanks for the info,  :great:  it will be a self drive if I do a trip looking more like in one of the buggies, yes I agree can't see the point in been driven around, wouldn't want to risk any damage to a hire jeep especially if going of the beaten track a bit in unknown territory.

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A few photos from the buggy trip we ended up going for...


It was good fun in loose rocky terrain lots of dust it got everywhere, the Mrs came along which was a shock as I've been trying to get her to come to a JOC event over the last year.... The result being she hated it lol  :rofl:which means more fun days out for me  :great: hope she doesn't see this or it will be  :slap:


We where in the buggy for 3hrs and after a short 10 min drive from there base we where in the hills / mountains for the rest of the time.









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