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Tyre size. Probbaly done to death so apologies!


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I have an XJ on stock suspension, some of you may have seen it at Slindon last month.


Its due some new tyres in the new year and I want to get a definitive answer on what the biggest all terrain tyres I can fit on my 15inch wheels are.


its a stock suspension. currently on 225/75/15


I may well have asked this before :)


but I thought I'd ask the people I have met and trust to give me a answer, rather than 'Mad Cletus' in Alabama.


[smg id=2748 type=preview align=center caption=Jeep XJ]


Ta, Bryan

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That's as big as you can go realistically if you want to take it off road without lots of rubbing. Might be worth talking to a specialist as the difference in different manufacturers can be a lot more than you might imagine for the same tyre size. The biggest to the smallest may end up almost 3/4 an inch in diameter


Only in a Jeep



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