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Bishops Jeep - Guildford


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Don't even waste your time calling/visiting Bishops in Guildford.


I have been there one two occasions:

1st visit - when trying to buy a Jeep, the sales man said they don't deal with Wranglers and he doesn't know anything about them. They didn't recommend any other Wrangler dealers. Incredibly unhelpful.

2nd visit - after buying my Wrangler I found the soft top very difficult to close, I went mid week to ask the parts guys for some help (muscle). Once again, told by the receptionist they don't deal with Wranglers, one of the sales men said I should visit the dealership I bought it from (1 hour away). Only when a mechanic saw me struggling did he come to help, problem was sorted in 10/15 minutes.


Sadly I had to call them to book in my recall on airbag part (I work 5 minutes away). 7 calls I was put on hold and it hung up! On the 8th call, I spoke to a lady who was very unhelpful and passive aggressive. Said she will call me when they have the part to book my Wrangler in (it's been 6 weeks, still no telephone call or email)


If you are in the South East ALWAYS use Horsham Car Centre - they couldn't be more helpful.

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