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Cherokee dipped headlight beam for driving in Europe


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Hi - apologies if this has already been posted and answered - I looked but couldn't find a previous discussion. Also I am a new member on here.


I have a Cherokee, new shape (late 2014). As a right hand drive car, the dipped beams are set up for the UK.


I will be driving my Cherokee to Spain, and staying there for a while. I've read the Jeep manual supplied with the car, scanned through the menus on U-Connect in the car, and trawled through the internet too. But I can't find anything.


The dipped beams do seem to be biased to driving on the left, so does anyone know if it's possible to change to driving on the RHS of the road? On previous vehicles I've owned it was possible via the menu in the car, or even via a manual switch on the back of the headlight unit (Range Rover).


Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.

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I've always used the sticky beam deflectors on the headlamps when I've driven in mainland Europe.


Never owned a car which had a switch to redirect the beam, similar to what BMW use.

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