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Hi guys im Dipesh,


Im a student from Staffordshire University and I am a Transport Designer In my Final Year


I have chosen to do a futuristic retake on the Beach Buggy/Jeep for the year 2020


and i have a few questions for the owners and members that enjoy the vehicle.


If you guys could spare a few moments on answering my questionnaire for my research it would be much appreciated !




1.  What are your thoughts on a fully electric/ Hybrid powered Beach buggy/jeep?


2.  If you were to implement or change a design from a existing 4x4/ jeep manufacturer what would you carry over?


3.  What are your opinions on a newer generation Beach buggy/fun jeep?


4.  What defines a beach buggy/jeep in your opinion?


5.  Would you own a fully electric/hybrid buggy if it matches to what the competitors have to offer?


6.  Would you think £15,000- £20,000 is a reasonable price range for the buggy/jeep?


7.  As the automotive industry is moving forward would you feel that the beach buggy/jeep will lose its character by being a hybrid/ electric or does it have a place in today’s market due to its history?


8.  How well do you think it would survive in today’s competition ?


Much appreciated

Dipesh!  :icon_e_biggrin:


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can you please post a pic of what you consider to be a beach buggy/ jeep? Just to make sure we are providing feedback on the same topic.



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Ummmhhh ..!

A beach buggy is not a jeep and vice versa. A beach buggy is like an aborted VW beetle!  It's like saying hoover when you mean vacuum cleaner or all fords are cars but not all cars are fords.

A common error by the public when saying ... oh I have a jeep, when actually they mean they have a 4x4. Jeep is a trade name, and a bl***y good one!

So, are you contemplating a Jeep (brand), or a 4x4, (any old make and model), or a beach buggy, (a sort of kit car for surfers!)?



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Ok, so let us see if I got this clear: you are asking if people would purchase a kit produced by Jeep that resembles an old beach buggy, like those that VW used to have?


If that is your question, my answer would be not necessarily just because is made by Jeep. Especially not in a country where it rains most of the year and there are no beaches to ride topless! But, if I was on the market for one, depending on autonomy, I wouldn't mind an electric one w/ a proper sound system!



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