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Cherokee Trailhawk


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Last weekend had the pleasure of a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk for a few days courtesy of Jeep UK ( thanks Stewart  :great: ). Don't see many new  Cherokees out on the roads and I have never seen the Trailhawk. Although we've had a rental Cherokee in the US was a nice opportunity to see what extra goodies the Trailhawk gets and see how it fares as a potential replacement for the 105,000 mile 10 year old KJ ( which really has served us well over the years but is starting to show signs of it's age and mileage )


First thing that strikes you is the looks, the Trailhawk looks badass  :icon_cool: much better than the standard version, I'm sure it seems to sit quite a lot higher too, I was surprised at how big it is next to the Wrangler. Drew lots of ooohs and aaahs and other appreciative comments particularly when delivered to work. Took it on a reasonably long and varied drive down to Hever Castle Kent for the weekend and second thing that struck me was how good the 3.2 V6 with the 9 speed auto was, a real pleasure to drive, very responsive and average 26-27 mpg. Inside its got all the usual stuff you'd expect, leather, tech etc for off road its got 4WD selection for mud/snow/rock rear diff lock, looks like it would be fun off road ( but didn't go there....) Didn't like the nav and can't get used to keyless entry and electric handbrakes but that's just me being old.


Overall a really nice drive and well equipped, BUT, it's nearly 40 grand list and inside it does feel quite like you're driving a car not a jeep so for us looking for a KJ replacement will hang on and see how the new Compass looks next year ( hope the old Cherokee holds out )       




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