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Soon to be Wrangler owner - YJ or TJ?


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Hi folks,

About to step into the world of Jeep with a long awaited first Wrangler! Here come a few questions while I'm trawling the online adverts.......

Wondering what the pros and cons are for a first timer between a YJ or newer TJ? Grew up in Australia driving old Landrovers and Japanese 4WDs but not owned a Jeep before.

Not sure I'm so keen on the exterior on the YJ but like the more basic interior.

Also, see the occasional V8 conversion in the UK - these are more common in Australia and the States, anyone got any experience of this? Typical Aussie, if a V8 will fit lets do it! :-)


Shayne  :zozz_newbie:


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Welcome to the club Shayne  :wav2


nice looking TJ for sale just been posted up by Anniey, worth a look.

exterior of the YJ does grow on you and are rarer than TJs if you are bothered by such things. Never driven a TJ so can't comment on which is "better" but you're off to a good start choosing a wrangler, either one is tons of fun.




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Hi and welcome!!


I would defiantly recommend a TJ, more available and if you consider lifting it, the TJ will be easier as it got coil spring all round vs leave springs on the YJ


There's a few TJ owners on here, so feel free to ask away if you got any questions


Do let us know how u getting on ;)

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Hi Shayne, welcome


I was in Harpenden a lot on Friday,  but not in the JKU  :gasp:


Looking forward to seeing your choice of Jeep in due course.

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