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put some new wheels on my TJ


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Not quite today...more in the last month but managed to post some pics up today. 


Been meaning to do this for ages and have been looking into all the options to beef up the 30 x 9.5 x 15's that I have already without needing to change gearing etc.  From speaking to various folk in the club it looked like 31x10.5x15 was the way to go.  A few weeks back a chap not that far from where I live put a set of 5 Cooper Discovery AT's on steel rims up on eBay.  They were as good as new...hadn't even done 10 miles, the rubber was still pristine.  And better still my offer of £450 was duly accepted. 


Here are some photo's of before, during and after so you can see the difference.


When I bought them the chap suggested I put 5mm spacers on the front to prevent rubbing. 


I fitted the tyres and went for a run. But from 35-55 they threw up a terrible wobble which wasn't present before.  I couldn't see how the mildly bigger wheels had created such a dramatic wobble on the car.  I had the wheels re-balanced which reduced the wobble by about 20-30% but it was still too bad to drive for any distance or speed.  I mulled the problem over then removed the spacers.  This immediately solved the problem with the Jeep completely wobble free at all speeds!!


For now I'm going to run as is and watch out for any rubbing. 


However aside from this extra bit of drama I am really happy with the look of the Jeep.  The existing tyres looked a little weedy and had a strange offset.  The new tyres fill the arches much more fully and look in better proportion to the car.  :great:




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Hi Paul


this is interesting as i am looking at doing similar with my tj, what offset and width are the the steel rims ? And are the tyres 31x10.50s im looking towards 32x11.50 0r 33x12.50


it looks sweet by the way

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Hi Woody,  thank you.  Here are the rim details.... 8x15 ET00 5 114.3 Black steel 'D' Window Rims


The tyres are 31x10.50x15.


When I bought them the guy I bought them from had widened his arches and these tyres were too narrow. He said that they'd be a little wide for a stock TJ Sport but would be fine for for a Sahara which has slightly wider arches (which I didn't know).  And they do fit perfectly. 


I suspect you could go wider than 10.5 with the right spacers. 


I am really pleased with them.  The 'look' of the previous wheel/tyre combination was a bit odd.  Although we'd had Jeep for a few years we've only just got round to changing them. 

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I had 32x11.5x15 on mine and they went past the arches, even with various wheels. Picked up some extended and they fit right in.


If you use a ET00 then spacers will be fine, if you use a backspaced wheel I would suggest no spacers as you typically (even though some people I know do it) put a spacer on an already backspaced wheel.


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