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Jeep Urban Cruise 24th September 2016. Event Write up,Photos and discussion .


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Thanks for today guys,awesome drive,shame our clutch went before we got to Wimbledon.Please include me in on the next or similar cruise.Look forward to seeing the photos from the day.Will upload some tomorrow that we took.

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Yes excellent day, great setup. Fantastic array of Jeeps. lovely BBQ.


Top marks to all that made it thoroughly enjoyable. Look forward to many more.


Ill have to dig out the photos later.

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Great event , Fantastic turn out. Was good to meet a few old faces and news ones.

Can I ask that if any of you post any photos/videos etc on social media that you tag the club in on them please , All helps to keep the clubs profile high!

So you may have wondered how we knew the car park Max height was 2.4m..... Well thats down to me from my last visit when I wrecked their electrics and security cameras they had on the roof of the car park! :rofl: I had to air down and have Neal standing on my rear bumper to get out!

Parked nicely (just) this time half in and half out of the showroom :mdr:




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I have found new homes for the stickers;


One will remind Alice she missed a good day out with us (obviously the burgers)


The other is what Denise was really really looking forward to after a bit of an afternoon in traffic  :oops:




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Hi all.  :wav2  Really enjoyed Saturday.  Good to meet some more Jeep folk.  We couldn't stay to the end for the BBQ unfortunately.  However we enjoyed our drive around town.  Would love to do something similar again sometime.  Here are some of the photos we took.  Spread across a few posts due to forum post limits. 










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Favs from the day.(apart from the last one obviously)....


Looks like a fun time was had by all and even had the weather co-operate for a change  :glasses:

Great pics from everybody, good to see the tops down as well.


That is a very nice looking YJ John  :great: Must be the season for YJ clutches  :icon_cry: mine went on the way back from green laning two weeks ago. Have you got a price for repair yet? Looks like the clutch kit is about £300.00 so might do it myself. Let me know how you get on.

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Had a great time Saturday  on jeep cruise. Thanks to all the organisers both of the cruise and dealerships for their hospitality. Will put photos on forum as and when I can figure out how!,




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