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Rigid Industries Radiance - write up!


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Ok so had the rigid radiance 50 for a couple of weeks now and, all i can say is what an awesome unit.


The unit itself shares the same housing as the E series top spec light bars from Rigid. This means its not gonna corrode like cheaper housings ive seen on Chinese made copies. it looks great in the day, has exposed circut boards that give it a blacked out look, and has the "RI" star logo on the sides.


During the low light evening time, this thing really rocks. It has colored LEDs built in to the circuit boards behind the main LED projectors which give it a glowing backlight. its available in Blue, red, green, white, and amber. i went for Amber because it matches the fender marker lights. see attached picture for awesomeness.

The backlighting is dim enough that you can drive around at night with it, and its not gonna cause you agg from other drivers. but when the roads clear, bang on the main beam and its stunning. My girlfriend calls it daytime mode. i have it coupled with 4 rigids on the bonnet, and of course the trucklites. The Bar has a dual beam make up, meaning its got spots and floods, for a complete wide angle illumination with a concentrated beam straight ahead.


the pictures attached are the dipped trucklites, and then the radiance at full whack, over a range of about 160 yards. The camera does it no justice as it just auto-focuses to the light increase, However, i really think that for £450 your gonna have to go a long way to beat this thing.

sure, there are other bars out there that will give you even more light (rigid ones included), but if you need any more lumens to see where your going, you should probably go to spec-savers and save some dosh. And of course you get the awesome back-lighting too.


I got my bar from our club sponsors, Buzz Racing. Alex there was really helpful in sorting me out the best brackets and wiring kit for it, even installing it. If anyone wants one of these, give him a shout. Great firm to deal with. 








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