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Gear box oil


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I have  99 2.5 TD xj.


I have the right oil for the diffs and transfer case but I want to check and top up//change the main gear box oil if necessary. can anyone tell me the right oil to use??


I think its SAE 75W-90 API GL3 or Mopar MS9224.


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I tow often and go serious so I use the MOPAR 75/140 which is also on that spec list.

Now you can use Valvoline that has the LSD (if yours has the LSD diff) in both axles instead of the 75/90 as it has the additive for LSD already premixed. Either or will do but again, just make sure if you have the LSD that you add the additive if you purchase the MOPAR brand or get a bottle from the garage, I think its £12/bottle

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