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Today I have broken my can position sensor


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Well, driving home and then, no power. I've got spark and fuel but nada so I presume can sensor. I see the part is cheap enough unless I order it through the main garage, anyone ever venture on changing one as I see it mounts right on top of the tranny....which is not easy to get at from the looks of it?



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If you have a spark and fuel is being injected are you sure it is the CPS and not the TPS?


It's 15 years or so since I have changed a CPS. My sensor was OK, but the wires to it became brittle. This link may help http://go.jeep-xj.info/HowtoCPSchange.htm


To test your TPS http://troubleshootmyvehicle.com/jeep/4.0L/tps-multimeter-test-1 Should still apply for 4.0L to end of production.



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I will stand corrected, no spark. I pulled a spark plug wire off, inserted a nail then cranked....nothing

Took the coil off and same process....no spark.


However I did notice something odd.


On the XJ Mark II (non coil rail version)


Off the battery I find one wire to alternator, one to starter, one to the coil and a spare connector blank....looks similar to the one to the alternator but different. Any clue what this is, in case its a case of something falling off?



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