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Oil leak rear oil seal?


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Hi, my Jeep Cherokee sport CDR 2.5 has an oil leak. Been told it is probably the rear oil seal because that's the most common thing for jeeps?(don't know what that is) So how do I fix it? Does he have to go to the garage n get done HM approx would that cost or will it be able to be done at home (my dad is a retired mechanic) Tia.

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I am sure your Dad will be able to do the job. It is a lot easier if he has access to a workshop lift or a maintenance pit so that he can stand under the Jeep. It could probably be done on wheel ramps but it's not easy being on your back with very little clearance to work in. Best bet is to get your Dad to ask a local garage how much they will charge then he can question them on the work that they reckon they need to do. Let him decide if he thinks it is good value.


You may be able to find all the parts you need for less cost than a garage would. A garages are not usually interested in saving you money on parts, they will buy from the first place that has stock as they are passing the cost on to you. Ask your Dad to research what parts he thinks he needs to get the job done and any others that could be done conveniently at the same time. Spend some time shopping around on eBay and specialist Jeep parts suppliers in the UK, EU and USA. Don't automatically assume that the Jeep dealer will be the most expensive, sometimes I have found that for some parts they can be the cheapest but that was before the Fiat takeover. Anyway, if you know you can get parts for a certain price it makes negotiating a price easier at a garage, particularly if you are supplying your own parts.

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