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Rubicon owner new to the club

Ruby Kon

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Hi guys,


Not new to Jeep ownership (had several TJ's, Cherokees, a YJ, a Hotchkiss and a CJ in the past) but just got back in to it after 10 years of driving Defenders.


Picked up a 2015 Rubicon 2 door yesterday from Edinburgh and drove the 500 miles / 8 hours back to Kent (got in at 2.15 am this morning) and am still buzzing from the Redbull  :icon_bounce:


It was a bit of an impulse buy as I liked the look of the soft top JK's I saw on holiday in Majorca and saw this one online whilst I was out there.


Not sure what mods I'd like to do but straight away love the american style licence plate holder but wondered what people did about the existing piece of plastic that is part of the stock bumper ?


The tyres are original and look a little skinny, what size looks good without upsetting the gearing ?


Finally (for now  :icon_rolleyes:), it's a hard top, which will be great for the winter but what are people fitting soft top wise and best (cheapest) place to buy ?


Thanks for reading

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Welcome to JOC Matt :wav2



Fairly certain you can go up to a 33" tyre (285/70/17 metric) without any modifications and this size should not affect the gearing too much - or at least it shouldn't really be noticeable when driving.


As to the soft top options ... I am sure others will chip in :glasses:

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I just cut the extra bit of plastic on the rear bumper off with a handsaw.



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