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Where has your Jeep taken you


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Jeeps can mean different things to different people from mud warrior to daily driver to urban posing. For me it's about throwing what you need in and heading off to beautiful places and being able to take on almost any road/track.

So far this year my XJ has been to Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal. Closer to home Norfolk North Coast, Somerset North Coast, Mid Wales, North Wales, Trossachs National Park, North Yorkshire & Lake District. I try not to think about the fuel bill !!


Here is some of the scenery we have encountered.


Still 4 months left this year to add to the 15k miles covered so far. Hoping to hit the Scottish North Coast this Autumn.


So where has your Jeep taken you?











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What a great post Paul  :great:


I love the pics and the sentiment  :icon_flower: that is some itinerary so far and doesn't that also include a fair amount of work on the Jeep this year too? Not bad going for a "middle aged" XJ, wish I could say I'd done half of that this year.....or ever! Here's my Jeeps in my back garden  :icon_e_biggrin: was quite pleased the YJ managed the trip to Whitcliff and back in one piece earlier this year  :rofl:





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It needs quite a bit of maintenance and still plenty of "upgrades" planned but I try to spread them so that it's ready for a last minute decision for a trip away.


Just put the new axles with new brakes and all new bearings, ball joints etc in and once my arches are ready will put the new wheels/tyre's on. I'm happy with the lift I have at around 4.5 inch.


Next new viscous fan, replace AC system, bigger alternator with split charge system.


Low range transfer box


Rear cargo storage draw system, fridge slide and rack.


Then finally engine still undecided on the route either 1JZ, 4.6 strokes or possibly V8. Stroker for reliability is the favourite at the moment.

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Great post. My XJ is unmodified and I potter about in it locally and use it off road in the shooting season. I just love that silky smooth straight six and auto box. My son wants me to get a Defender, but it would be slower, less comfy, less reliable and no better off road. You can't get a decent one for less than twenty grand either. Perhaps I should invest some of the money I haven't spent on a Defender going on some longer trips in the Jeep.



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