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Yarwell Site Update


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Dear All,


An update on the Yarwell site.  As promised we are keeping an eye on developments so that we can once again add the site to our future events.


Unfortunately as of yesterday the Yarwell site has withdrawn its lawful use application to allow more than six vehicles at one time (see below.) 


Not to worry, our event calendar will continue to be full with other options in the meantime and we will continue to monitor the situation.


The JOC Team



Dear Sir/Madam


Proposal : To extend track area and amount of cars and of days a year the

track is used. at Andrews Quarry Sulehay Road Yarwell

Peterborough Northamptonshire PE8 6PW .


I refer to your above application for Cert. of Lawful Development. - Existing and note that

you have now requested that the application be withdrawn.


We have therefore ceased processing the application and its status will now be

marked as WITHDRAWN.


Please quote your application Reference No. 16/00987/LDE if any further

communication with this office about this application is necessary.

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Just been speaking with a guy who's something to do with ALROC, apparently they had a big 3 day off road event up there just recently, so does this mean that Yarwell is back open again? Anyone know?

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What is ALROC?


Sorry Jim, it's Anglian Land Rover Owners Club...……..I know, fraternising with the opposition  :slap: :icon_redface:


I'm not sure exactly what the event was but it was quite big, 100+ people, 3 days, recovery competition, trials, stuff for the kids etc. £100 per person apparently. Was just a very brief chat on the back of some work stuff, the company he does work for are motor engineers ( mainly Land Rover)  just down from us and have a race prepped defender.

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