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New Member to Jeep Owners Club saying Hello!!


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Hi All


keeying 4WD in the loop of owning cars I learnt to drive in a Series 2a ex MOD many moons ago and got my 'Nickname' GT4Thug for my Celica ST185 JDM which i still own but family doesnt allow as a daily use


so i have a 4WD which was originally my 1995 XJ Cherokee LTD but recently treated to a 2002 WJ Grand Cherokee as no longer need to Tow a tourer but the 4WD has been just one of those luxury items


big difference from the XJ to the WJ as more refined but i still love the Jeep


so do the kids and the Bearded Collie we have as load liner in teh back he lives happy in the back


Joined OC just to say 'Hi' and to keep the Jeep on the road


cant miss the plate in South Yorkshire area so anyone who see's / knows give us a nudge









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Hi ,


yeah owner for last 15 years... needs a little work on laquer now as imported colour always have this , but still one of the better Toyotas


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