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First 4X4


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Wanted a 4x4 for ages, don't know why never thought of a Jeep until neighbour offered me his Cherokee sport .Got it at a good price which is just as well because has a few things need sorting ,gearbox is out at moment  awaiting new clutch. That done rear brake overhaul follows. Used to be  a mechanic  many moons ago something tells me going to get plenty of practice soon. May need tips from you guy & gals.


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Welcome to the club.


A few 4x4 tips:


4x4s look tough but they aren't indestructible. At least you are a mechanic, so can fix stuff yourself. But to avoid spending a lot of time / money on repairs / replacement parts be aware of the following:


Deep water, mud and sand gets places you don't want it  :gasp: Not fun having to regularly replace bearings, so take it easy in anything axle-deep or deeper.


Use as little speed and throttle as you can get away with offroad - just enough momentum to get over an obstacle. Loads of spinning wheels translates to broken diffs and half shafts. And trees don't get out of the way (I swear they deliberately jump out behind you when reversing).







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