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interior brake light (dashboard light ) stays on plus more


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I've replaced the brake pads front and back on vehicle rotors an front brake calipers there's no leak in the lines an brake fluid reservoir is topped off.... I also have the problem that I'll start my vehicle an the brakes will work fine for a bit an then the pedal stiffens an the brakes are holding on pretty tight which is making it almost impossible to drive n cause the engine to overwork itself which then leads to overheating..... NEED HELP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE SOURCE OF THIS PROBLEM

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Did you say you have replaced the calipers? It sounds like the brakes are binding which sometimes happens after brake pads have been replaced due to the corroded parts of the brake pistons being pushed back into the calipers. This shouldn't happen with new calipers. If you still have old calipers on you may need to replace them. Both of mine have had to be replaced following binding problems.



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