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1999 Jeep TJ Ignition Barrel


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I have a 1999 TJ and the ignition barrel needs replacing.


It's been tricky for a while and I've sort of managed it but now the key often won't turn at all.

Sometimes it's hard to pull out as the button doesn't release it - it sort of catches on the way out.

I can't use my jeep as never sure if the key will work.

I took it to a local mechanic who said if I buy what I need he isn't able to reprogram it.


I live in London E4 (Essex borders) - does anybody have any numbers of somebody/garage I could call to help please?

There is no way I could do this myself :) so am really looking for any numbers of a mechanic I could take it to.

Thank you for your help.

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Get a lock cylinder kit and build it up to fit your existing key. Remove the plastic column shroud. Insert key, a sharp tap or two on the end should un jam it. Turn the key to position 2 and press the square spring loaded button on the underside of the lock housing while pulling the lock cylinder out using the key. Simples. No programing required.

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Thank you.

Do you have any idea of a mechanic or garage in that would do this?

I have arthritis in both thumb joints and could never do this myself, plus just looked online for

A lock cylinder kit and it seems they don't all allow you to do this.

Thanks for taking the time to explain though


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I replaced mine on my WJ, and although fiddly not difficult.  Although as you say, it is not something you could do with your thumbs, it is something straight forward that whoever helps look after your Jeep could do.  No special equipment needed either which is handy!

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