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First time off road


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For those of you that don't know, my Renegade is only fwd. When I got it, I had no plans to go anywhere but on tarmac. However, last Sunday I went to the Jeep Renegade Live Experience where I took two Renegade 4x4s on an obstacle course, both indoors and outdoors. I enjoyed the first run so much that I blagged a second go. First time the instructor selected 4x4 mode, hill descent, sand etc and on the second run I selected the 4x4 settings. Now I have the bug and want to go to the next level.


I am hoping that I can do some off roading with the JOC and learn. What I am after is any help or advice from you guys on here. In my own vehicle I am on off road virgin, so to speak. The nearest me and my Renegade has been to off road is parking up on a grassy area.


Ok, I know that I can't tackle the serious stuff like you guys, as my Jeep is not equipped for it. I don't suppose motability would be amused if it had a winch, 4 inch lift etc added to it. My next motability Renegade will be a 4x4 model.


What do I need to bring to an off road meet? Do I need to do anything to the Jeep in anyway? I would rather know in advance than turn up and have me trousers pulled down and look a total tool.


Thanks in advance.

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