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Jeep projects - Advice?


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Hi knowledgeable Jeeps types  :wav2

about to get going on a couple of projects and looking for any advice /pointers from anyone before I start.


Project 1 - CJ7 BW Quadratrac / TH400 auto box. Have no low range unit on the CJ so...... drop out standard transfer case and fit replacement unit with low range. Looks to be fairly straightforward, new one looks like it should bolt on where the original comes off. Have armed myself with plenty of new lubricant to replace. Any pitfalls?


Project 2 - YJ, find the damned leak that keeps turning my front footwells into paddling pools  :grrrrrr: comes out from under the dash, possibly from the ventilation system, but just can't seem to stop it. some of the US forums seem to suggest this is usually the windshield rubber seal but I'm pretty sure its not, this is bone dry. Anyone come across this?


Project 3 - JK , get round to fitting the bumper and winch I bought off Alex a few months back (Smittybuilt Atlas front bumper). Doesn't look too bad, any pointers on JK front bumper replacement or the Smittybuilt Atlas in particular  ?


Of course there are also projects 4 - 1001 in 'real life' which include painting the outside of the house, treating all the sheds, fixing/clearing the gutters and downpipes and sorting the damp under the stairs :icon_rolleyes: just not enough time.


Anyway, any advice much appreciated  :great:



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