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Grand Cherokee WJ Niggles


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Took My beast of a truck to North Yorkshire this week. The  car did great well kind of. Did 22mpg and got there with no aches or pains. carnt believe how comfy this truck is. All that said did notice few little niggles just wounded if you guys could help me out?


1. Noticed when doing over 65Mph get a right loud whining noise. Very noticeable on the motorways. Seems to quiet down when you let of the accelerator


2.Get a very random cold start stall. It is very random. will go fine for a 20 starts or so. do get a rough idle every so often too. I have looked into this one on net. seems to point to the TPS sensor. just wounded if any one else had this sort of prob and a new sensor fixed it.


3. Hot start issue. Is a bit of a nuisance will only start if I have my foot on the accelerator pedal. With out it will sometimes turn over but runs very rough and lumpy.


My jeep is a 4.7v8 2002 model. Any advise you guys could give would be very appreciated. I am very new to the jeep brand. Am loving the big beast even though its a right money pit!

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