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Unity(Carstins) Jeep Coventry


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Hey All,


I wanted to take the time out to recommend Coventry (Unity/Carstins) Jeep for all of you on the look out for a used or new Jeep.


The guys at Carstins know their stuff and helped me pick out my new 2016 Wrangler Rubicon 3.6 which should be delivered shortly. I would not usually write a review for something like purchasing a car. However, these guys (David Hick, Jeep Specialist & Phil Tidmarsh, accessory specialist) really know whats what and had to put up with a fair few questions from an excitable youngster such as myself, which they answered with ease.  I think it is harder and harder to find a Jeep dealer that is knowledgeable about the Jeep brand (I know as I tried the one in Leicester), in particular the wrangler rather than the more common Renegade and Cherokee so it was a pleasant surprise how much support and information these guys gave when I was on the hunt for my Jeep. They even managed to get me a 2 day trial so I could check the 3.6ltr petrol was suitable for me which I am pretty sure is almost unheard of!


All in all a very good experience and I look forward to returning to pick up my new Jeep. I am sure if anyone else goes to these guys they will be as happy as I was with the service!  :great:

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